About Lori


Lori was first elected as a Township Commissioner in 2005. At that time the board of commissioners in Abington was overwhelmingly Republican and she ran against a 24-year Republican incumbent to win the seat. Lori was deeply concerned about transparency in our local government, so after taking office Lori was one of the commissioners who pushed for televising Abington Township's Commissioners' meetings. In addition, Lori fought for a township non- discrimination ordinance to help ensure equality for all in our community. The ordinance finally  passed in 2012 after a highly publicized battle she won.

Lori has a Master’s degree from Lehigh University in Social Relations, and has over 30 years of experience in social services direct service and administration. Lori is currently a Co-Chair of Montgomery County’s Opioid Taskforce, leading to measures such as the Abington Police Officer’s carrying Naloxene (Narcan) to help prevent OD deaths. She helped to start and works for a program called POWER which assists people with mental health and substance abuse diagnosis explore their potential career opportunities. Lori is also a part-time faculty member at both Montgomery County Community College and Penn State Abington. She and her wife, Linda, have lived in Abington since 1998.